Pipeline Repaired

17 May 2019

We are pleased to inform you that the pipeline was successfully repaired yesterday. A polyethylene pipe with a 30mm wall thickness was pulled through the original pipe and connected to the 2017 extension. This provides a more robust solution than the earlier consideration to either patch the holes or use a flexible liner.  

While the new segment is currently performing well, we are operating with a constrained outflow given reduced production levels and as a precaution until testing has been completed. The pipeline will operate at higher capacity over the coming days and we will continue our sampling, testing and aerial inspection programs to verify that the repairs have been effective.

Over the coming weeks, you can expect to see our continued presence on the beach while we dismantle the temporary jetty and rehabilitate the beachfront. 

Access to Green/Wood Waste Drop Off Closed

18 April 2019

Pulp Noticeboard and Security Flyer Wood Waste-672-40

Pipeline Repair Update

18 April 2019

Following on from the update sent on 29 March and armed with the new information obtained over that time, we now plan to install an alternative method of pipeline repair using a rigid pipe insert rather than the fibreglass patches and Swiss liner considered earlier.

Further pipe cleaning and inspections have determined additional failures (due to corrosion evident on the bottom of the existing pipe). The nature of this damage would likely pose risks to the integrity of the fibreglass patch and liner solutions that we have been working toward over recent weeks. The alternative repair method allows us to insert a new, rigid pipe into the original pipe and join onto the 2017 pipeline extension. Note that this solution will reach over 300m from the beach and so protect against further deterioration of the older steel / concrete piping.

Following the Easter / Anzac period you can anticipate boat activity near the offshore access point as the existing pipe is prepared for the rigid pipe insert. On the beach, a series of wooden beams will be placed within our worksite to support heavy equipment to be used during the pipe insert installation. This will be followed by a full clean of the internals, a final video inspection to ensure any obstruction has been cleared and then the new polyethylene insert will be fitted.

This work is expected to be complete by mid-May however remains subject to sea conditions.

The pipe insert will be floated across the bay in a similar manner to the 2 km extension installed earlier.


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