Electronic Docket Privacy Policy

Electronic Docket Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes what personal data Pan Pac collects on their eDocket apps for enterprise use only.

Why do we collect your personal information? 
Pan Pac primarily collects personal information about you to enable us to track truck and load activities.

What personal information do we collect?
Your name, your driver’s licence number, unique truck identifier, employer and location.

How is personal information used?
We collect and use personal information in the course of our normal business operations and activities, including for the following purposes:

  • To Authenticate users into the App.
  • To track dockets
  • To pay suppliers (cartage and harvesting).
  • To invoice customers
  • To maintain chain of custody of logs throughout the supply chain.

Location service
Before you can use eDocket app for the first time, we will ask you to choose whether to allow eDocket access to your location and in what circumstances. Location services must be enabled for app to be operational. We may collect device metadata to ensure any issue raised can be tracked back.

Storage and security
We are committed to ensure your information is secure. Data is pulled from cloud and secured with MDM (Mobile Device Management).

Change to our privacy policy
From time to time and for any reason we may revise and update our privacy policy. This information will be available on the store listing.

Questions and feedback Please contact android.enterprise-admin@panpac.co.nz

Last updated: 25 March 2022