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Large Scale Producer of Appearance Grade Lumber

Pan Pac Lumber is the largest producer of appearance grade lumber in New Zealand. Supported by our own renewable forest resource, Pan Pac’s sawmills at Whirinaki and Otago produce a combined 530,000m3 per year of radiata pine lumber from pruned logs and saw logs. The high-quality outer wood boards are carefully kiln dried and expertly graded, while the core wood is anti-sap stain dipped and sold green. Our products are sold to a variety of customers locally and around the world.


In addition to our local New Zealand customer base we export globally to around 30 countries across Asia, the USA, Europe and the Middle East. We use a variety of distribution arrangements including direct sales to manufacturers, sales through trading companies, importers, distributors and wholesalers, and sales through agents.

Our Lumber philosophy is to build lasting and meaningful relationships with key customers. To give these relationships a solid foundation, we make sure that mutual understanding of business requirements is strong.


Pan Pac offers a range of grades from high end clears through to packaging lumber. Each grade is developed to be suitable for different end use applications. The end uses range from high quality mouldings to window and door components, to remanufactured building materials such as weatherboards and facia, to solid furniture, to pallets and packaging.



Pan Pac incorporates an extremely high level of technology in the production and processing of all our products.

In the sawmill, we use optimisation scanning as well as size and length control.

In the kilns, the latest available technology is used for control of the drying and reconditioning process.

In the drymill, automated grade scanning is undertaken to produce a consistent grade and quality.



Shipping is available to most markets directly through the Port of Napier, located 20 kms from the Hawke’s Bay plant, and through Port Chalmers in Dunedin from the Milburn plant.

Shipping for green product can be by breakbulk or containerised and all kiln dried product is exported by container.