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Why we work here

Ana Rocha

Continuous Improvement Manager - Pulp
Started 2022

As a Continuous Improvement Manager, I’m responsible for leadership and oversight of Manufacturing Excellence implementation in the Pulp area, developing and facilitating the communications plan, and overseeing the documentation and dissemination of reports and action tracking. My role is to contribute to increasing Pan Pac’s efficiency with LEAN/Six Sigma tools, standardised procedures, and improvements in general, working in collaboration with all areas.

I chose to work at Pan Pac due to its high level of commitment to the environment, health and safety, the community, and respect for people.

I enjoy working here because of the work environment, friendly co-workers and inspiring leaders who provide opportunities to share experiences and learn more.

Hawke’s Bay is a perfect place to live with my family. It has a safe environment, good schools, and very few traffic jams. There are many outdoor activities available and a friendly community. I really enjoy living here with my daughter and husband.

In June 2022, I had an opportunity to participate in a Pan Pac-sponsored planting day with my family at Eskdale Park. The event was organised by Te Huka Waiohinganga (Esk River) Care Group and attended by volunteers from Pan Pac and the community. It was an amazing morning working as a team with the volunteers and restoring the area with 2,500 native plants.

“Hawke's Bay is a perfect place to live with my family.”

Aaron Harwood

Operations Coordinator – Lumber Area
Started 2012

In April 2021 I began my new role as operations coordinator, which involves the scheduling the Lumber division’s production activities and acting as a key communication point between operations, engineering, and the business improvement team. Before that I worked in predictive maintenance – identifying problems and creating a plan for fixing them before the machinery breaks down. I use something called vibration analysis, which involves regularly measuring the ‘sign waves’ given off by parts of machinery (such as bearings) to monitor wear and tear.

The pay was a big attraction, but also the work itself. As a fitter and I got to work with big, heavy machinery. In town (smaller companies) the machinery is not as impressive. At Pan Pac you get a broad spectrum of engineering. Now working in the operations coordinator role, I get to tie engineering and operations together to achieve optimal plant performance while meeting operational targets.

The whole remuneration package is pretty good, but mostly I appreciate the opportunity for career progression. If it were not for that I would not have stayed as long. I started in the Pulp Division as an apprentice, and then became a Lumber fitter for 5 years before applying for the predictive maintenance role, and now I have progressed again into the operations coordinator role.

The wineries are cool, and I enjoy my hunting. The Bay’s a great spot for hunting and outdoor hobbies.


“Hawke's Bay is a perfect place to live with my family.”

Russell Schaare

Wood Purchase Coordinator – Forests Area
Started 2020

My role involves securing and managing the harvest of private woodlot resource, to provide high-quality logs to both the sawmill and pulpmill. Our team deals a lot with farmers and small-scale private forest owners; I take pride in doing a tidy job and looking after our clients’ values, while still managing efficient roading and logging operations.

I have a lot of my university friends working here and had heard good things about the company. Hawke’s Bay was attractive for me particularly for its weather and outdoor recreational opportunities – it has lived up to all expectations.


I have found my team very supportive in helping me learn the role and establish good working relationships. Everyone tends to be sociable and inclusive, which always keeps things enjoyable.

When my partner and I moved here we were looking forward to the weather, the proximity to both our families and the relatively affordable regional housing market. I enjoy my fishing, mountain biking, tramping/camping and running, and have found plenty of great opportunities all around the region for these.


“I have found my team very supportive in helping me learn the role and establish good working relationships.”

Anna Zhang

Forest Analyst – Forests Area
Started 2019

I manage and develop ESRI field apps to support the business, with a focus on Health & Safety and the environment.

Last year I developed the Survey 123 app to replace an old paper-based system. The app is used by our foresters and contractors to measure performance, track assets, and record information (such as archaeological sites and native bird sightings in our forests.)

It’s in Sunny Hawke’s Bay, what else do I need? Jokes aside, I love the forestry industry and find it fascinating. It’s great to see how Pan Pac manages its forests and maintains them in a sustainable way. Pan Pac also looks after and values its staff.

The people are very nice and down to earth. The Pan Pac employee benefits also help me achieve my financial savings plan.

What’s not to love?! I am not a city person, so after seven years in Auckland, it was a dream come true to re-locate back to the Hawke’s Bay. I love spending time with my friends in the lovely outdoors and afterwards enjoying a glass of wine and cooking and eating fresh local produce.

I love getting out into the forests and seeing the operations firsthand. You get to understand how hard-core forest operations are and at the same time, see Pan Pac’s high health & safety and environmental standards in action.

Being able to see how the industry works and seeing the environmental benefits that forests bring to our environment and community makes feel proud to work for Pan Pac every day.


“I love Hawke’s Bay, every single day the drive to work is a joy!”



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